Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chinese Lanterns

For as long as I can remember I've always associated Chinese Lanterns with my Mom, her sister Aunt Dot, and Fall.  They both love to gather the lanterns from the garden, hang them to dry, and then bundle them into random bouquets and bring them inside.   My "bouquet" this year is outside on my front porch.  I combined the lanterns with some interesting branches that my ash tree released, then squeezed it all into a vintage bottle displayed on an antique wooden factory mold.

I find that I've been using orange frequently lately.  I've used it with yellow, with brown, and on my porch with blue.

Do you like orange with blue?   Or, some other combination?


If you missed how I fluffed my garage for Fall, go here.


  1. I remember those money plants also! This looks nice and I think the blue is fine. You seem to pull whatever color you have together and it fits!

  2. I pretty much just love orange in general, especially this time of year, but the combo of orange and blue??? DIVINE! I am drooling over the color on your door, so perfect!!