Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Faux Intaglios

I was introduced to intaglios by Holly of the fabulous blog, Things That Inspire.
 Intaglios are figures or designs carved into stone or a hard material.
She sells them framed in her on-line store, Quatrefoil Designs.  

Framed Intaglio from Quatrefoil Designs

More Than One Framed

In A Grouping on a Wall

I absolutely loved the look and wanted to use it in my home.  Imagine my surprise when shopping in Baltimore with Meg of Pigtown Design  last year I came across what I'm going to call my faux intaglios.  One of the shops we visited was McClain Wiesand.  This fabulous shop carries a selection of antiques and vintage pieces and amazing artisan furniture.  I was intrigued by their castings from original architectural pieces.  You know me and my architectural fragment obsession.

McClain/Wiesand Castings

They had created some small castings to use as Christmas tree ornaments.  To me, they were intaglios.  These are the ones that I purchased.

I'm working on framing them.  I'll post when I get them done and on the wall. 
Please check back.


FIY I also bought these ornament castings for my tree.
Love!!  Love!!


  1. Looks great!!

    Another awesome post!!

  2. Love them! I will be carrying a line of framed intaglios in my Etsy shop soon. I am looking forward to seeing yours framed.