Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vertical Storage

Open shelf storage in the kitchen seems to be the trend.
I would love to do this in my kitchen.


Or, this.

via House Beautiful

Or, just display in an open cabinet like this image from casasugar.  The kitchen actually looks more like furniture than cabinets and shelves.

Rather than horizontal shelves, I decided to experiment on a smaller scale and make my open storage vertical.  I found this stainless steel pot stand.  It's actually from a restaurant supply house.   It fit perfectly in the corner of my laundry/pantry.  I filled it with my majolica-style dishes.  They actually look like cabbage leaves.  I really stored a lot in not much space.  Pretty efficient.

What do you think about going vertical rather than horizontal?
Love it or leave it?


To see more of my pantry/laundry, click here. 
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  1. Have lots of the same cabbage dishes which are a fav of mine. Used to fill my hutch with them and put the white ironstone away. You've given me a great idea with the pot stand. Get to enjoy both collections at the same time. Thanks.

  2. I bought it many years ago from an estate sale. I was told it was used in a restaurant so I believe you could purchase it from a restaurant fixture supplier.