Saturday, September 13, 2014

Furniture Updates with Fabric and Fringe

  I've always enjoyed sewing.  If you've been following along for a while you know I'm not afraid to take on uncomplicated projects with fabric.  Chairs and vanity seats are about my speed.

One of my summer shopping finds was a set of three metal x-backed chairs.  They're a lovely faded torquoise and best of all naturally chippy.  The seat fabric was shot-----dried out vinyl.  But, they're the easiest fix because the seats just pop out of the frame.  No screws, but tons of staples.  Removing the staples is the most time consuming part.  I quickly added new padding and some beige linen fabric.   They looked too plain when I finished.  I thought about it for a while and decided it needed something more.  Instead of adding cording, I used some pillow fringe around the edge.  I used fabric glue to attach it to the edge then followed with my electric staple gun to make sure it was secure.  All my staples are hidden in the seat frame.

Metal Chair with New Seat and Pillow Fringe

Here's a closer look at the fringed edge.
Chair with Fringed Edge

Corner of Chair Seat
I was on an upholstery recovering roll, so to keep up the momentum
I dredged this vanity bench from my basement.
 It was able to escape my furniture grave yard only because it was blue like the chairs.
I always try to have a color  repeat itself in my booth at Sweet Clover.  It makes the unrelated mix of found treasures a little more cohesive when one color pops out around the space.
 It really needed some love and attention.

I scrubbed it, removed the broken caning from the center, and sealed the paint.

I cut a board to fit the top and cover the hole.  Notice that I rounded the edges of the wood.
You don't want a sharp corner poking through the fabric.
 Even with a rounded edge you should still pad the corner.
  I will use four screws to attach it to the top.

(At the end of this post I've included a link to my previous step-by-step tutorial on recovering a seat.)

I covered the bench with burlap, added burlap double welting,
and my latest favorite furniture addition, nail head trim.

Recovered Vanity Bench

Detail of  Nail Head Trim

In my book, fringe isn't just for pillows anymore.   Let me know if you give it a try.


I've already written about recovering a removable vanity bench seat.
 A removable chair seat works the same way.
 If you'd like to view the step-by-step tutorial, go here.
In that same post is a link to making matching bias cording.  Not a favorite thing for me,
 but it really makes the job look more professional.

To see my post about recovering a non-removable seat cover go here.

These pieces will be available for purchase at our next Sweet Clover Barn Sale.

Sweet Clover
September 19-21

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  1. that fringe was the extra sass that cute X chair needed. Perfect and I bet it sells quickly. Love your sidebar picture too Kathy! fun! xo