Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Emerging Spring Garden

We've had a very mild winter and while I was outside enjoying the beautiful day,  I realized that my garden is so interesting now that last year's plants are responding to the weather and beginning to reappear.  I wanted to capture them on their way to their full bloom.  Right now they are only giving hints of the beauty to come, but their emergence is just as lovely.  The ferns are still curled, the azaleas not quite open, the peonies barely recognizable and the hostas mere spirals.  The climbing hydrangea is ready to flower any day now while the phlox and the pieris are in full bloom   There are still remnants of the winter garden in the mix--dried leaves, bare spots that will soon fill in, even some winter berries still clinging onto my nandinas.


The pieris is in full bloom with it's cascading flowers and fiery new red growth.

The red tip tree has new leaves and is encircled by mondo grass and varigated hostas which for some reason are larger than the others in my garden.

The phlox carpet is in full bloom.

The garden fountain is waiting to be surrounded by flowers.

The nandina hasn't released its winter berries yet.

 Lamb's ear and sweet woodruff are two of my favorite ground covers.  They'll be spreading and filling in among the shrubs.

The warm weather has confused the rhododendron.  This is a repeat bloom for it.

The climbing hydrangea will flower any day now.

The sedum is just getting started.

The peonies are appearing and give no hint about their soon- to- appear heavy blooms.

The azaleas will pop with color any day now.

Some volunteer wild violets share a flower pot with some sedum.

I love ferns.  I think they look just as good tightly curled as they do when they release and become long and feathery.

So how does your garden grow?


Happy Easter to All


  1. Wow...beautiful.

    I love your new layout. Looks great.

  2. I'm always amazed and excited about all the green coming back in spring! It's looking fabulous in your neck of the woods!