Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Modern Chinoiserie Night Stand

My sweet daughter, Sara, has decided that she doesn't want to live here with us anymore and is very excited about moving into her own apartment.  I only have one daughter, and even though she won't be far away, I'm sad and I know I'll miss her and our girly friendship.

But of course we've been having fun planning the decor for her apartment.  Let's just say that we've been doing some major shopping.   We found this modern Chinoiserie night stand for just the right price for someone on a budget. I was so surprised when I opened the latest post from
House of Turquoise  and saw the exact night stand featured and used as a bedside table too.

Tucker and Mark
Of course the night stand in the blog post had hardware,
but that missing hardware made ours quite a bargain.

The view from the side is just as cute as the front.  It's a white lacquer.
The shininess doesn't show in the images.

I was about to order replacement hardware on line when I found some knobs of all places but in the
bins at Michael's.  They were so cute and had peacocks on them.

We added them to the nightstand and they look fabulous.

Here's a closer look at the hardware.

I guess this night stand and the peacock knobs will be our inspiration for her bedroom.
We're going to go girly. 

We'll have more to share.  We're having so much fun.