Sunday, March 13, 2016

Favorite Vintage Find: Industrial Drafting Table

I was so excited when I found this huge wood and iron industrial drafting table,
 and even happier when I was able to fit it into my vehicle and take it home. 
 I've never had a drafting table this old or this unique.  

I'm displaying it flat, but it also is adjustable and can tilt at different angles.
Here it is in the Design CoOp ready for our next sale.

Antique Drafting Table

You can see that the height as well as the angle is adjustable using knobs and iron gears.

Adjustable Height and Tilt of Table Top

I added this vintage oak and iron stool.  I dry brushed the stool with some light grey paint and upholstered the seat in Belgian linen.

Antique Oak and Iron Antique Stool

The antique wicker flower basket is filled with industrial blueprints.  
The sheets are five feet long.

Industrial Blueprints in Antique Wicker Basket
I'm really having trouble parting with this special vintage find.

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  1. My husband used a drafting table for his desk for years. I often "borrowed" it for some of my own projects. It was a terrific work space. Love the vintage one you have. What a terrific piece.
    Love the wicker basket too. Can you send me the details on that piece?