Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chinese Chippendale Chair and Nail Head Trim

When I purchased my latest Chinese Chippendale faux bamboo chair this photo was my inspiration.
 My intention was to paint it this lovely turquoise.


It was natural when I purchased it and I had every intention of painting it, but then I
found this fabulous woven dresser and decided they looked good together.  

Even though I decided not to paint the chair, I would have to replace the seat cushion.  
The fabric was only stapled in place.  I easily removed it and used it as a pattern. 
 I decided to re-cover with burlap.

Original Fabric That I Used as a Pattern for the New Seat

I used my electric staple gun to secure the seat cover.

I usually cover my staple mess with some sort of trim.
I decided to use some burlap double welting for this project.

I simply started at the back and used fabric glue to place it over the staples.
 I then used nail head to outline the seat.
 The spacing for the nail head trim was easy.  I just used the width of a ruler to evenly space them.
The difficult part is getting the nail heads in a straight row.
 I liked the double welting because the seam in between the cords kept it all straight.
 I made sure to place a nail head over the seam where the trim ends meet.

New Seat with Burlap Fabric, Double Welting,  and Nail Head Trim 

Here's the chair, unpainted, with its new seat cushion, temporarily placed in my sun room.

Chinese Chippendale Chair in My Sun Room

Now I'm regretting not painting the chair and dresser.

  What would you do?


  1. It would look great painted but it also looks great as is...LOVE the new seat cushion!!

  2. It looks fantastic in it's natural does the dresser! ;)

  3. I like it as is too and I love love love that burlap welting you found. Hadn't seen that before!