Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vintage Bentwood Garden Set

My husband purchased this bentwood garden set at an estate sale.  I don't have an image of the before cushions, but believe me they were 70's floral.  The set is very well constructed and manufactured by Bamtam Products. It definitely has some impressive curves.


I recovered the cushions in a mini houndstooth pattern.  I chose black contrasting cording.

Cushions with New Houndstooth Fabric and Contrasting Cording

I also sanded, primed and painted the set in high gloss white.
  It was a very tedious and time consuming project,  but I'm very happy with the result.

Vintage Bentwood/Rattan Garden Set

It's in three sections.  There's an arm chair with some brass filigree caps.

Bentwood Side Chair

The settee is in two pieces.

Two Sectioned Settee

Check out those curves.

Curvy Arm

To add some color and a touch of Spring, I added some fern pillows outlined with braid.

lFern Pillows

This set would be perfect on a screened porch.

I'm adding this set to my stash for the Lucketts Spring Market.
Are you coming?  It's not to be missed.



  1. ooh i wish my husband would find awesome things at estate sales! heck, i'd just be happy if he went to an estate sale. they are awesome!

  2. Oh they will definitely sell there new look!!

  3. Kathy, did you check to see if they have a label? Could they possibly be Thonet?
    Wonderful find!