Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mid Century Modern X Coffee Tables

My family room is going Mid Century Modern. It's a completely different look than other rooms in my house, but I'm liking the look more and more.   It all started with a buffet that I use as a tv stand.  It's the perfect height for tv viewing and has a ton of storage.

  A friend of mine found me a pair of X base coffee tables.  The image is of one of them.  I liked the base but wasn't crazy about the top.  

Originally I was going to paint the top and add nail head around the edge.  What I ended up doing was having a mirror with a beveled edge cut for the tops.  I like them in front of the modern Petrie sofa I bought from Crate and Barrel.  I think they also go well with the Flokati rugs I just found.

 I'm having second thoughts about the mirrors.  They're constantly covered with finger prints.  I may have an upholstered top added in place of the mirrors.

I also was very excited to find these coasters at Pier 1.  I love the design.  They come in many colors but of course I purchased orange ones.  Now I need to get my family members to use them.

I'm working on changing up the mantel in this room but I'm not there yet.

Check back.



  1. I like the tables with mirrors! Too bad about the fingerprints because they are so cute.

  2. Another fabulous change. Looks terrific.

    I love the X tables. Coasters are perfect.

    You are so talented.



  3. Aw yes, if only families would use the coasters. Great look. I am happy to be a new follower from Frugal Friday.

  4. Can you take the mirrors off and paint the wood tops black to match the sofa? Actually, I thought the color of the wood as it appeared in your photograph would have gone very well with the goldish-orange-y color tones in your room. The tables are beautiful, with mirror tops or without!

  5. Those look PERFECT in the room. Great finds!

  6. You can antique the mirrors & the fingerprints will hardly show!