Saturday, January 23, 2016

Inside Out: Snowstorm 2016

I decided that taking pics of this storm from inside was a very good idea.   They are saying that we're only half way through the accumulation.  Yikes.  We can hardly get out the door.
That mountain of snow is on our front porch.

View of My Front Porch From Inside

It's not much better on the screened porch.  
The snow not only came in, but it also coated the screen and mounded on the railing.

Screened Porch

Looking into the back yard isn't much better.

Our Back Yard

Here's more of the back yard.  I still have my holiday poinsettia.

 Poinsettia Still Around

I wonder when we'll be able to get into the garage.

Our Garage

My iron sphere, my wreaths and the Mugo Pine have much more than a dusting.

We've got 24 more hours to go.   How much more can the roof hold?

The roof is covered and snow is still falling.

Looking Out My Kitchen Window

Our arbor and the iron bird are still visible.

I have a thing for spheres I guess. 
 The snow has almost reached my yellow sphere on a shepherd's hook.

My Yellow Sphere

My Anthro mache elephant is happy to be inside too.

Profile of Anthro Elephant

I recently bought a banquette and new table and chairs for the kitchen.
Of course I changed up the chandy too.
Here's a sneaky peek.  

New Chandy in the Kitchen

So how are you all making out in the storm?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recap: Best Sale Ever at Buckeystown Design Co-Op

I'm finally getting around to updating you about our very first sale in our new home:

I have to say that last weekend surpassed our expectations.  Not only did all our friends come and support us, but a steady stream of new friends came to our shop the entire weekend.  

Our Customers/Our Friends
We snapped this image of our space right before we opened our doors.

The Start of the Sale
One of the partners had been hoarding pieces of vintage wrought iron.
(Yes, we're all hoarders/collectors.)
A local welder assembled the pieces per her instructions.
The double shelves and counter are made from wide reclaimed wood.

Our Store Counter
We filled the space with vintage finds and home decor.
  (Link to the album with our treasures is at the end of this post.)
What makes us unique though is that we offer home design consultations, custom upholstery and rugs, decorator fabrics, and paint for our customers too.

Fabric Sample Books
Upholstered Pair of Wing Chairs
Rug Samples
We even had original art by our talented friend and local artist, Eleanor Madison.

Artwork by Eleanor Madison
At the end of the first day we popped the cork on our champagne and toasted all of you
for making our opening day such a success.

Cheers to a Great First Day

Overwhelmed by this weekend. 

Humbled by your comments.

 Blessed to do what we love. 

Thank you 

To see our album with images of what we had for sale, click HERE.

If you missed my post with the album for my space, click HERE.

Thank you all for making our adventure such a success.
We hope to see you all next month.

Next Sale
Buckeystown Design CoOp
3607 Buckeystown Pike
Buckeystown, MD

February 19-21
Friday and Saturday 9-4
Sunday 12-4

I'd love for you to like us on Facebook too.
Buckeystown Design CoOp

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Design Musings: Layered Book Shelves

I'm all about layering, especially when it involves book shelves. It doesn't matter if it's a mirror or framed prints, I love the look when they are layered over a styled bookcase. 

This is my all time favorite.  The shelves, the books, the fabulous randomly placed prints.

The prints don't even have to match each other.


This over-sized art consumes the shelves but it looks fabulous.  


The art repeats all the colors in this boho chic room.


Stacked vintage oils work too.

Unknown Source

Another block-the-bookcase art that makes the room.


It even works on a small bookcase in a tiny bedroom nook.

More mis-matched art in this mix and match fun room.


I haven't forgotten about using mirrors in the same way as framed art.

The contrast of the white against the dark background makes these bookshelves and the room.


A layered mirror works in a very traditional room.


It works with bohemian too.


What about a very small mirror?


And last but not least, mirror and framed prints in a row.
I love that fabric on the sofa too.


Do you think you'll give this look a try?
Prints? Mirrors? Large?  Tiny?  All?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our First Sale

I'm so excited to share my new space at Buckeystown Design CoOp with you.  It's quite a mix of old and new as well as a mix of styles--MCM, European, and my fav, bohemian.  I've never had such a large space to fill and it's been so much fun to style.   

MCM Chest, Sunburst Mirror, and Metallics

Fabulous vintage plaster ram.  How perfect to have a two tone wall to work with.

Vintage Plaster Ram

My Boho side of the room.

The Bohemian Side

Cabinet at the end of a bed---YES!

Jenny Lind Spool Bed and Gold Leaf Cabinet

Faux Fur My Fav

To cover the cinder block walls, I painted some vintage doors gloss white and outlined the panels in gold.  I need to find a few more for the rest of the wall.

Paneled Doors Outlined in Gold
I placed two chrome and wood bookshelves next to each other, and put some small mirrors in a row on a piece of burlap dangling down the center.  To create a backdrop, I added decorator paper with a sea life pattern behind the open shelves.

Display Shelves and Five-Light Chandelier

Lab Bottles, Urns, Silver Plate

Antique Basket, Atlas, and Bowl

Faux Marble Table with Column Base

Caned Back Chair and Santos Bust

Architectural Fabric on Caned Chair

For me, books are always risers.  These leather books are stacked on a column base.

Santos on a Stack of Leather Books

Sofa table, sideboard, entry table---  How would you use it?

I found this fabulous walking stick in a shop in Pennsylvania.
 How unexpected to have rhinestone eyes.

Vintage Walking Stick

This doll clothes case is perfect for jewelry.  There's a tray and a deep bottom.
It's covered in decorative paper.

Vintage Doll Clothing Case with Tray

Please join us:

Buckeystown Design CoOp
3607 Buckeystown Pike
Buckeystown, MD

January 15-17
Friday and Saturday 9-4
Sunday 12-4

Visit the website for more photos