Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break means a blog break for me.  I've decided to take a little time off from blogging and spend some time with family and friends.  I'll be back in a few weeks.

Do you have plans for your Spring Break?

Butterfly in My Garden 2012



Saturday, March 16, 2013

Versatile Vintage Bamboo

I've always loved vintage bamboo.  I love its mottled finish that mixes well with any decor.  I love that it was made into dressers, shelves, cabinets, tables, and bookcases.  But most of all I love that one piece of vintage bamboo can be used in so many different ways.

One of my favorite bamboo pieces is the cabinet with doors.  They come in all sizes.


They can be used as a bookcase.


They can be used in the foyer and display collections.


My favorite use is holding towels in the bathroom.

 This wardrobe-size painted cabinet holds china.

It just as easily could store linens in a bedroom. 

They also are made with open shelves.  I've used this type in a bathroom before for towels and toiletries, as a merchandise display piece at the store, and as a small bookcase for books or magazines.

What about using the shelf for dishes?


A chippy painted shelf works in the bathroom.

I used this chippy painted bamboo shelf as a display shelf in the store.  I found that the shelves can hold tons of merchandise and they're so light weight that I can easily move them around the shop.

My painted bamboo shelf displaying my cameras I had for sale.

My good friend, Sandy, whose home I've featured here and here, uses bamboo in her house too.
 This open shelf displays vignettes of her collections.  Notice the tiny bamboo trimmed cabinet on the lower shelf.

Sandy's Vignettes

There's also an open bamboo shelf in her foyer.

On the bottom shelf are some woven boxes atop a woven suitcase.

Woven Boxes and Suitcase

There even are bamboo umbrella stands.  This one holds Sandy's collection of antique umbrellas.


There are also chairs and sofas.

These bar stools are new from Martyn Bullard Design.  They're pretty wonderful.

There are tables in all shapes and sizes.

This bamboo table is used as a coffee table.


Another larger bamboo table.

I love the size and round shape of this table.  Perfect on the porch.

There are also beds and luggage racks.  Luggage racks make wonderful side tables.
Top them with a suitcase or tray.

I'm not sure if I like the bamboo painted or natural like this bed.

What about a hall tree for your mud room?

The dressers are to die for.

Here's another style of dresser used in the foyer.


 What do you think about bamboo as trim molding?  I think it might look better with some existing trim?  What do you think?  Would you do this in your home?

What do you think of this trim?

I could go on and on.  The different styles and uses are endless.  I would love to see some of the bamboo pieces you've found.  I continue to find styles I've never seen before.


Post Teaser

I'm working on a post about the bamboo pieces in my home and how I use them.
 Be sure to check back.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Furniture With Hooves

Ever since I saw this bench/coffee table on the cover of Celerie Kemble's interior design book,
Black and White (and a bit in between),  I have been fascinated by hoof-legged furniture in design.
( I have to say that I also love the over-sized mattes she used when framing the art.)

Celerie Kemble Interiors

This hooved seat below has a fluffy mongolian lamb cushion.  Fun.


I've featured Benjamin Dhong designs before.  He's used a footed bench with his banquette seating.

Benjamin Dhong Design

So, of course as I was out and about with my husband I immediately noticed this table at Zgallerie.
I must have really admired it because he bought it for me for my birthday.

Zgallerie Hoof Legged Table

Here it is perfectly styled in Valorie Hart, The Visual Vamp's, home.
(Please follow the highlighted words to even more footed examples on her fabulous blog.)

The Visual Vamp

I found a place for mine next to my favorite book-reading chair.  Perfect.

Hoof Legged Table Next to My Favorite Reading Chair in My Sun Room

And not to be out done by furniture, I noticed in my silver plate collection (hoard) that one of my pieces had hooves.

My Silver Plate Coffee Server with Hoofed Feet
Notice that the creator had even more fun with the spout.
 It looks like an animal head to me.

Close Up of My Vintage Coffee Server with Hooves and an Animal Spout

So, are you a hooved foot fan?


Please check out April's issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.
My friend, Mary Alice, and her blog, Chateau Chic, are highlighted in the Site Seeing Section.
She creates lovely soft vignettes in her home with her fabulous vintage finds.
She and I share a love for weathered and chippy.
And, if you live in the DC area, please visit her shop in:

Rust and Feathers

14928 James Monroe Hwy (Rte. 15)
Leesburg, VA 20176
Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10-5
Sun 12-5
(Closed Tues and Wed)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Sun Room Mantel Is Featured On Apartment Therapy

You regular readers have seen my mantel in my sun room
 It's one of several featured on Apartment Therapy.

This is a vintage mantel that I'd carried around from house to house always hoping to find a spot.  When we added the sun room on to the back of the house, it fit perfectly onto the chimney from the fireplace in the level below.   I'm so glad I didn't sell it although I took a ton of grief about it every time we moved. I think it's found its home.

Here are a few of the other mantels featured with mine.




Check out the other clever ways to make a non-working fireplace the focal point of a room here.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Inside A Snow Globe

This is our first snow storm in several years.  School is canceled and we got to sleep in.
 What a surprise when I finally got out of bed and looked outside.
 Large fluffy flakes are falling all around our house.  I'm inside a snow globe!!!

 I took the photos from the inside of the my very own snow globe.  Enjoy.

We're expecting more this afternoon.   So lovely.
It will be a perfect day if we don't lose power.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Fill Up an Urn

I just can't stop focusing on urns.  They have to be one of my favorite display containers.
Their shapes are architecturally appealing--- and they come in so many sizes, textures, and designs.  
 It's hard to decide if I love the urns or the items they're filled with more.
So, let's see how we can fill them up.

Branches are always perfect in an urn.  How wonderful is the patina on this example!

 Branches in a Bohemian setting.

Urns don't have to be made of iron.  I filled a crystal urn with sand and seashells to support some branches from my yard.  I painted them red just for fun.

Branches in a Crystal Urn in My Sun Room
Branches and moss in a villa.


I can't wait to copy these ideas--a stack of books emerging from an urn
 a print angled inside one.

What about some shabby books balanced on weathered urns?


How lucky to find a cloche to fit perfectly into an urn.


Some boxwood greenery always works.

Shaped boxwood is lovely.

Freeze dried boxwood is good too.  I placed a boxwood orb into a champagne urn in my living room.

Boxwood in a Champagne Urn in My Living Room
Moss works.


More greenery in my dining room.

My Other Champagne Urn with Nandina from My Garden
Shells are my favorite.

More shells.

A container for artists' brushes or a beautiful vignette.


Repurpose an urn as a side table.


Add a piece of glass and a large urn becomes a coffee table.

An urn can hold fire wood too.


Roll and stack towels in the bathroom.  Lovely.

I have several cement urns in my garden at the base of a path at my side yard.
 They make fabulous planters.
The tall planter is a chimney pot.

Cement Urns in My Garden
Antlers are trending.  Dangle them in urns.


I mixed them with some seed pods on my screened porch.

Antlers and Seed Pods in an Urn on My Screened Porch
Croquet anyone?

Wine please.

This urn can stand alone.


So, how do you fill urns?


To see my other post about urns go here.