Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Sun Room Mantel Is Featured On Apartment Therapy

You regular readers have seen my mantel in my sun room
 It's one of several featured on Apartment Therapy.

This is a vintage mantel that I'd carried around from house to house always hoping to find a spot.  When we added the sun room on to the back of the house, it fit perfectly onto the chimney from the fireplace in the level below.   I'm so glad I didn't sell it although I took a ton of grief about it every time we moved. I think it's found its home.

Here are a few of the other mantels featured with mine.




Check out the other clever ways to make a non-working fireplace the focal point of a room here.



  1. Congratulations, Kathy!! You definitely need to be an interior designer, you are so talented!
    Mary Alice

  2. Congratulations! It's a well-deserved feature!

  3. I have to say yours look the best...love the mix!

  4. Yours is beautiful, but I don'tunderstand the concept of a "non-working" fireplace in the age of ventless logs. (Not in your case where you obviously don't have any depth.) I've gone from wood to gas to ventless gas. Yes, wood is more beautiful, but is a hassle in so many ways. I now use my two fireplaces (wood log in the LR and coal-look in my MBr) all the time now, whereas before, only on a special occasion and never the one in my BR. You're funny carrying that around for years...I can see why. Congrats on the feature in Apartment Therapy, as well CTD


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