Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Third Change Up in Less Than Six Months

Oh no!  It's happening again and I love it.  The foyer has another new look.  For those new to the blog I have this compulsion to change things frequently.  After some analysis, I've decided that I'm exposed to so many things I like every day, that there'll always be something I like better.

Here's the original foyer photo from the Fall.

 Here's the same area with Christmas decor. 

Then after the holidays I changed again.  I used a canvas drop cloth to lighten things up.

And look what I did yesterday!   I totally removed the burled mahogany table.  I added a small frenchy table, added the matching chair, and rearranged the accessories.

What do you think?  It wasn't one of my major change ups, just some reassembling.


To see the original foyer/hallway/landing posts go here and here.


  1. it looks awesome with the chairs and table! the last two setups have been my favorites! :) you really are good at vignettes!

  2. Hi I love them all!! I am a habitual re-arranger too!! It used to drive my hubby nuts, but now he's gotten used to it!! You are so right, I think it is because I like so many design styles, I am always finding something I like better! I found you on Melissa's house party tour!!!

  3. I'm nor sure which one I like better...I love them all, as well as, your landing!

    Visiting from HOUSEography :)

  4. I like the last one the best! :) Great job!

  5. I loved seeing each of your beautiful changes in your entryway. Each is gorgeous! It looks like the table has got an incredible wood grain. Love the French-y grain sack cover over it too.