Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still Shopping

Yes, there's even more.  And yes, there's another obsession I have that I haven't shared.
Hard to believe, huh.  I'm always on the hunt for vintage fabric.  Vintage English fabrics are my favorites..
I found this English fabric sample. It measures approximately 30.5"X 20.5".  It would make a pillow cover or could be used to cover a chair seat.

Here is the label:

This is the sample with its lovely fleur di lis and lion in a geometric black and cream pattern.

I've shared silver plate before.   I found this interesting silver plate container with an imprinted design and two handles.  It reminds me of an urn or a loving cup.


 Silver plate utensils are fun to find and mix and match at a party.  This set of  monogrammed dessert/teaspoons fits perfectly in the container and would work for a brunch buffet.
The monogram is a scrolly letter H.  It's so odd how styles come and go.  A few years ago no one wanted anything monogrammed and now monograms are hot.  Who knew?

The other silver plate items I look for are napkin rings.  This is something else you can mix and match.  One of these has a floral pattern, the other must be a souvenir from Massachusetts.  I especially look for the ones with names or initials. Originally each family member had his or her own napkin ring to keep the cloth napkins separate.  Yes, cloth napkins were used more than once.  If you've ever laundered and ironed cloth napkins,
you'd understand why.

Sometimes for Easter we line the napkin rings on end and use them to support our colored eggs. (These are marble ones that I use each year.)

This is my third "shopping" post.  Check here and here for the previous ones.  Hope I gave you some ideas about what to look for when shopping vintage.  If you live in the DC area, you can purchase these items.  Sorry, for now local pick up only.
(prices below)

Prices:  English fabric sample $ 24 each (I have 5),  Silver plate container $20, Set of 11 monogrammed spoons $28, 
Silver plate napkin rings $10 each.

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  1. It's okay. I'm a fabric junkie as well. There's probably a support group out there for all of us! These little samples are divine. GREAT find!