Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Saga of Horizontal Stripes

Me, the person who constantly tires of the current decor and changes things up still is in love with horizontal stripes.  I have been adding more and more of them.   I have an open stairwell in my foyer and I began my original horizontal stripes there.  I think that the horizontal stripes add something extra to a wall and make whatever is hanging there more interesting.  In the upstairs hallway is an over sized clock and a print.  I think the stripes make this fabulous clock look even better.

This is the view of the upstairs hallway and landing.
At a later date I added the stripes on the landing.

I painted the little alcove in the upstairs hallway the solid darker color.  I think that the dark color makes the salmon color of the Audubon print pop.

This is another image of the landing.

I then decided that since our bedroom continues in line with the upstairs hallway, I would add stripes on one wall there too.  The framed intaglios are centered on the wall.

In the next image you can see where the feature wall meets the wall with a solid color.

At the same time that I painted the landing, I did a feature wall in my foyer.

A close up.

And now to the whole point of this post.
 I'm thinking that I want to continue the horizontal stripes around to the opposite wall.
I also want to add the horizontal stripes to a third wall, to the right of the feature wall.  It leads into the living room and then the sun room.

That would be two stories of stripes.  I think I'm going to do it.


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