Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Miss The Snow

I never thought I'd say this, but I really miss the snow.  
We've had Spring-like weather all season.  

 Last winter around this same time there was a huge snow storm.  We were trapped inside for days--no school and no where to be--I loved it.  During the storm I walked around the house taking photos from the inside out.  

Since I'm feeling such winter nostalgia,  I wanted to share again.

The roof was covered and the snow continued.

My iron sphere, my wreaths and the Mugo Pine had much more than a dusting.

The front door was blocked and the porch was covered in snow.

It wasn't much better on the screened porch.  
The snow not only came in, but it also coated the screen and mounded on the railing.

Looking Into the Back Yard

My  Poinsettia Added Some Color

It took a while to get to the garage.

Looking Out From My Kitchen Window

Our Arbor and Iron Bird

My Yellow Sphere on the Shephard's Hook

Profile of Anthro Elephant

They're predicting colder weather this weekend and a possible storm on Sunday.
I'm hoping for at least one storm before this winter ends.

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