Saturday, January 25, 2014


In design, odd numbers in groupings are good.  My favorite odd number is three.
 I do it in my home all the time.

These globes in urns are on our bedroom dresser in front of a map of Paris.

From my blog post, How I Use Spheres in My Designs

Rosemary topiaries with an iron grate background on my ever-changing family room mantel.

From blog post, Grates are Great

The threes don't always have to match either.  In the next image I have three matching books, but two french nail head orbs and a metal laurel wreath.

From my blog post, How I Use Spheres in My Designs

I also placed three prints on my window frame and three pillows on the sun room sofa.

From my blog post, Italianate Wall Planters

The three iron candlesticks are on the table in my screened porch.

From my blog post, My Screened Porch

Again, a mismatched group of three--two foo dogs and coral on my sun room mantel.

From my blog post, Favorite Finds

This was last year's Fall mantel with two pewter vases and a vintage frame.

From my blog post, Fall Mantel

I have three framed intaglios on my striped wall above my mirrored table.

From my blog post, My Saga of Horizontal Stripes

I decoupaged a copy of an old clock face onto three books.

From my blog post, Gilding the Lily

Three covered bottles on my screened porch.

From my blog post, Birds, Artists' Brushes, and Emu Eggs

Furniture can be in threes too.  Two faux bamboo chairs flank an Asian chest in my sunroom.

From my blog post, Coastal-Inspired Mantel

Take a look around your home.  I'll bet you'll see some groupings that add up to an odd number.


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  1. And I still love that clock face decoupaged onto three books! I won that!

  2. I love your blog. I am a Vignette Fanatic. I too use odd numbers. I get great inspiration from your design style. Thanks

  3. yep, I am a strong believer in odd numbers in decorating. Kathy, I love the clock decoupaged books. I may have to steal, I mean borrow that idea! :)

  4. P.S. I wonder if you would consider doing a tutorial on how to decoupage that clock face on the book covers

  5. I wonder if you would consider do a blog post tutorial on how to decoupage the clock face on the books spines. :)

  6. My mother-in-law always said a grouping should be an odd number. Three seems to work the best for me most of the time. '-)
    Loving your vignettes, especially the bamboo chairs.