Sunday, June 16, 2013

La Tour Eiffel and Vintagepalooza Update

I love books but don't usually write a blog post about just one book.  I thought this one was exceptional and deserving of its own post.  And, I have a soft spot for Paris.

This photo doesn't do the cover justice.  The florets are embossed.  
It gives it a depth that can't be appreciated in a photo.

Les Trente-six Vues de la Tour Eiffel

The book is a combination of artistic styles including Art Nouveau and Japonisme.

Title Page

The text is art work.

Prologue Text

Here are a few of the lovely prints in the book.  It is a tribute to Paris, the City of Light.  Sometimes the tower is in the foreground, other times it's a tiny detail on the horizon, but it's always present.

The index is just as artistic.


My book obviously is a copy of an original published in 1902.  I found an explanation in English in the back of the book that I'd like to share about how it was created and the artists involved.

So, what do you think?  Do you get excited about books?  All things French?  Paris?
I could see these prints framed in a gallery wall, couldn't you?


FYI, the Vintagepalooza weather was perfect and the fellow vendors and buyers --old and new alike-- were thrilled with the event.   The finds were fabulous, unique, and snapped up quickly.
Thanks to the Vintage Marketplace for pulling it all together.  I can't wait to participate again.

Me (in green) surrounded by shoppers and stuff at the start of the sale.

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