Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Secret Vintage Gypsy Life

My blogger friends and I who are also vintage vendors have a secret gypsy life.  Yes, hidden behind all those perfectly-styled rooms we post, we have hidden inventory.  You know that before and after  dresser that was such a find and so beautiful after its update with paint and new knobs?  Well, in a secret stash is a stack of many more dressers, chairs, tables, and accessories, all with what we're sure have hidden potential.  Yes, we've filled our basements, overtaken our garages and filled every nook, cranny and flat surface with our projects (hoard).  Pretty normal huh.
  But we love it and could never give it up.

Pretty In Paint
I was thinking of this as I power washed some shutters in my driveway and leaned them against my truck to dry.  What do the neighbors have to say?  I don't know and I try to stay hidden.  In fact, I park my truck behind the garage out of sight.  I've never shared my truck before, but my kids call it the beast.  I've had it for many years and its my main hauling means for all my finds.  It also has moved kids back and forth to college and apartments and hauled yard waste to the dump.  It has over 100,000 miles and some rust spots.  One of them is growing on the side.  There's another rust spot forming in the floor board at the back corner, and if it rains too hard, water sometimes leaks inside.  Some of these injuries are due to things like lamp posts and fire hydrants
unexpectedly deciding to jump into the side of my truck.

The Beast

So you fellow junkers, fess up, where's your hidden hoard?  Do you dare share?


These always make me smile. 

Remastered Relics


  1. I have a basement full! Stop by and pick some stuff up on the way to Glenwood girlfriend! Lamps, magazine racks, a secretary. I am NOT energized enough to run the roads yet!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend! You always have the greatest stuff!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Kathy this really hits home! I have a garage full and I cringe any time I have to open the door because the neighbors probably think I am nuts! I showed my husband the funny pictures with sayings at the end of your post and he said that you must have made them up. I was like, no dear, they are really popular on the Internet. He said but that means there are tons more crazy ladies like you out there! YES THERE ARE! We are the secret vintage gypsies. ;)

  4. Great post Kathy!!! :) :) My stash is in a shed and in my studio and in the paint room and in................. I am so jealous you have that great truck. I have looked for an old truck at a really cheap price for the last five years that looks kinda cool....(you know what I mean) but haven't found it yet. Have a great week.