Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Benches

It was the best of design; it was the worst of fabric. 
My apologies, Chuck.  I couldn't resist.

I loved the oval shape of this vanity bench, but the fabric had to go.  I decided that I'm liking the pink and that some black and white zebra fabric was just what it needed.

The fabric on the second vanity bench wasn't bad at all.

I decided that since orange is predicted to be THE color, that's the way I'd go.   To complement the orange, I used some of the trellis fabric that I had used in my sun room.

I think that the orange vanity bench is my favorite.

FIY a vanity bench is not just for a vanity.  It looks good at the foot of a bed.  Add a tray and it becomes a coffee table or side table/night stand.
Which one do you like?  


  1. They are both adorable, and I'm liking the orange one best, but I like the oval shape LOL

  2. oh i LOVE that second one with the trellis fabric- it's awesome!

  3. I've been waiting for YEARS for my color palette to come into fashion. It's finally here!!! Orange and other autumn colors all the way. Nice work on both, though.

  4. I do like them both but the second one, with how the fabric matches the cross members on the bottom, is my choice!

    Such an eye !

    I have put your blog on my "reading" list :) love what you do. you should write another book!

  5. I like the orange the best--so crisp and stylish! Paint and fabric can work magic...

  6. trellis all the way!!! my first visit and i'm likin' what i see!


  7. My favorite is definitely the second bench. The way the orange compliments the trellis Awesome job!