Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Houndstooth Tree

Well, it's really not a tree, just a hint of one.  You see we had no tree in our family room so I cut one out of paper and added garland.  I hammered straight pins into the wall  to support the garland, then I suspended mini ornaments from the garland.  The mini sunburst mirror was a tree topper.  I just unscrewed the spring that went on the top of the tree and voila---I had a mirror/tree topper.

Family Room Mantel with Houndstooth Tree

The ibex has been there and had to stay since there's a large hole in the wall to support him.  The french print also had to stay since it's covering another huge hole where I used to hang my ram's head.   I tied it all together with some garland that starts on the print, continues around the ibex's ribbon scarf and onto the tree.

Ibex Wrapped in Garland and Ribbon

Profile of Ibex
  I put a lantern, a sphere, and some books into the orange tray I usually have on my patio.  The lanterns were for sale at the store, but no one purchased them, so they became mine.  The color is perfect for this room.  Sometimes the best things are purchases that don't sell.  
The sunburst mirror moved over to make room for the tree.   

Lantern and Sunburst Mirror

I used books as risers and put fresh magnolia and ornaments from a previous year's tree inside the lantern.

These have to be my favorite ornaments.  The fringed ones were purchased at Old Navy many years ago and that same year I found the wooden ones at West Elm.

Love my sparkly sphere.

I filled my Chinoiserie planter with gifts and magnolia.

Chinoiserie Planter in Front of My Fireplace

The felt ribbon and the felt poppies and snowflakes were also purchased several years ago from Anthropologie.

Gift Boxes with Felt Ribbon and Ornaments

Are you ready to try a faux tree?  All you need to do is cut some wrapping paper into a triangle.

I liked this idea so much that I did the same for the store holiday display.   I used plain white paper and made polka dots with the end of a foam roller dipped into gold paint.

Polka Dot Paper Tree


  1. You are amazing and so talented.

    All ready for Christmas and I don't have one decoration out, but that's not unusual. :)