Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Not Your Average Holiday Tree

This year as I was getting ready for our way too early holiday open house I decided I wanted something different to display the ornaments.  My solution was to repurpose an antique drying rack.  
A vintage plaid suitcase was the inspiration for the tartan tree.

My Drying Rack Tree
To help you visualize what it originally looked like unfolded:

Antique Folding Drying Rack

It actually folds up flat, but I thought that partially open--or closed--it resembled a tree.
Come on, use your imagination.

Drying Rack Tree

Of course I easily found plaid ribbon at Michaels and the wooden beads were part of my holiday decor stash.  I draped the "branches" with beads and ribbon.
 I held them in place with florists' wire.  The Santos Angel is for sale.
 She was precariously hung on the top of the rack but was too unstable to hang there for the whole sale.
She ended up perched on a shelf.

Drying Rack Swagged with Beads and Ribbon

I felt very lucky that one of my wholesale suppliers still had some plaid ornaments in stock and also very lucky that they arrived before the sale.

"Tree" with Plaid Ornaments

I few years ago, also as a store display,  I repurposed an old ladder as a tree.
 I draped it with greenery and burlap garland and buried it in ornaments.
 I topped it off with a hat box.

Ladder Tree

Have you used something for a tree that wasn't a tree?


This weekend is our last sale of the year at Sweet Clover.
We'll have lots of mark downs.
All my ornaments are on sale and if you've been thinking about a piece of furniture in my booth,
it's probably been marked down too.  Pillows are $10 off any pillow in my space.
 I'll also be bringing in some new pieces.

And we'll have Santa on Saturday from 11-2 so bring your kids and cameras.

Sweet Clover
December 5-7
10am-5pm daily

4051 Stanford Ct
Frederick, MD

To see what I had for sale at our first Sweet Clover Holiday Open House go here.

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Don't miss the Christmas Blog Hop.  Coming soon.


  1. Kathy, I love the tree and your tartan plaid items! Thanks for promoting the Christmas blog hop.

  2. Thanks Sherry. I really do love my tartan. I think I've been bitten by the Outlander bug.