Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sneaky Peek at My Room in the Design House at The Old Lucketts Store

I'm very excited for the opportunity to style a room again in the Design House at The Old Lucketts Store.
This year I'll be doing one of the upstairs bedrooms.  It's always kind of crazy coming up with a "theme" for the room, but it's heading in the direction to become a decadent and elegant artist's loft.  Between now and October 3 that could all change.  You know how nothing lasts long around me, and room ideas suffer the same fate.
 I've also found when setting a space it isn't always the way you visualized it.

I wanted to share a sneaky peek at what I've come up with so far. 

What's an artist's loft without some art and art necessities?
 Some empty frames,  shabby oils, and a portable artist's case with pop up easel too.

  I'm going to use this fabulous vintage English fabric.  Although it's vintage, it's never been used and is in perfect condition.  I love anything to do with architectural fragments and this fits the bill.   It also has black in it and you know that nothing ever happens with me that doesn't include black somewhere.
 You'll have to wait and see where I'll use it.

Who knows, maybe this artist rides too.
The oval leather box is actually a vintage french candy box from Paris.
It's marked on the inside:  A Marquise de Sevigne, Paris

I'm loving the chippy decadent mirror.  This column, demijohn, and bound oversized 
  New York Times volumes are part of the room mix.

More artwork.

Ahh, she has jewels and a fur too.   This fur is actually vintage faux fur.
 I've never had a mannequin quite like this one.  Check out her "arms".

You won't believe how I repurposed this next piece.
It belongs on a wall but that's not what I'm doing.

A girl's gotta have some sparkle too.

I filled a florentine planter with deconstructed french books.

Maps work for me.  This is a framed print of Rome (1667) from the original.

Check back.  I'll be sharing more peeks once I get in and start setting the room.


If you missed my room in the Design House last year go here to view it.

The Design House
October 3,4,5

42350 Lucketts Rd
Leesburg, VA


  1. can't wait to see it all put together!

  2. I know it'll be fabulous when you're done, Kathy! I hope to get by.
    Mary Alice

  3. I'd give anything to see the room Kathy. I know it will be spectacular!!! Is that chippy horse statue for sale and if so, how much? :)

  4. Oh how I would love to see what you create. You have the most fabulous ideas and such a way of pulling them off - just great. Have fun, and I'll be looking forward to see the post of how all turns out.

  5. Kathy you are so creative! I love your ideas and I know the room will be fabulous.