Sunday, July 13, 2014

Way Too Many Vintage Finds

Get ready for tons of vintage finds.  This month at Sweet Clover I'll have quite a lot for sale.

This cupboard was plain oak.  I gave it a coat of black paint and detailed it in gold.  
Now it has a frenchy vibe in addition to being a great size for storage in a small space.
Love the angled sides too.

I dangled the calipers in a row on my chalkboard. 
 Although I would never have any use for calipers, I thought their shape was very artistic.

I updated this vintage buffet with some grey paint. 
 It's such a compact size and has that extra shelf.

Here it is in my booth.

Don't you love the applique on the drawer?  

Great legs on this MCM piece.

Map print is resting in the MCM magazine rack and a Shakespeare folio is on the desk.

I hit the mother lode of pop out cameras.

Behind the shelf on the wall are map transparencies.

More cameras and maps.

This metal table can be used as a bar and it folds flat for storage.

This knee hole desk is perfect with so many drawers. 
 Secret surprise:  I lined the drawers with a leopard print.

I dressed up this manly dress form with a vintage hat and pearls.  

That chippiness on the mirror is all natural and the hatbox is faux snakeskin.

Frenchy night stand with more gold detailing.

I always have some jewelry somewhere.

This teapot didn't have its lid so I asked my husband to make it into a lamp.  

So have you had enough?
Please come see me at the barn.
I'm working Sunday.


Sweet Clover
4051 Stanford Ct
Frederick, MD 21703

July 18,19,20 

More photos from all the vendors on their website here:



  1. Oh wow, tons of neat things. I love it all, now let's see, what can I steal ? Just kidding. How fun, everything is fabulous.

  2. I really like the buffet. I could definitely use those calipers as a potter. They look like good one.

  3. Kathy, you are always one step ahead of what's "hot" in home d├ęcor. Love love love your booth!

  4. Oh your booth!!!! What style! ❤️