Saturday, July 19, 2014


I've always had a dog or two and they've always been great dogs.  Bella, our current Lab, is no exception.  We rescued her when she was two and the whole family agrees that she's probably our best dog ever.

Dog In The Hood

She always loves us no matter what.  She does have a few "habits" though.
  She carries throw pillows around the house and even greets us at the door with them.
Yes, most of my pillows have dog spit on them.  

She also likes to carry shoes around.  She doesn't chew them thank goodness,
but it does make it hard to get to the school bus when you can only find one shoe.

Lately though, Bella has become obsessed with the wild life in our yard.
She was only outside for a short time, but she'd been very busy.
 Our gutters and downspouts  are main travel routes for mice, chipmunks, and snakes.
 We think this is what happened since she's not talking.
 She was after a chipmunk in our downspout.  I guess you could say she was determined to get that animal.
Here's what we found.

When we discovered the damage, the chipmunk was inside the downspout squealing.  She had chewed above and below him and he was trapped.  My son and my husband had to pry the metal apart so the chipmunk could escape.  Chipmunk and dog are fine thank goodness.
 My son and I were laughing that the chipmunk probably thought he was in the equivalent of rodent Jurassic Park.

Now she's focusing on the deer in the back yard.

I wish she could intimidate them enough that they'd stop eating my hostas.

I want all my cat-loving friends to stop gloating right now.


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  1. ha! i am a dog lover and we are on the hunt for a new pup to add to the family! they are so worth the trouble they cause.