Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recent Vintage Finds

I'm always out and about looking for the unique.  I'm very happy with my recent finds.

Patina gets me every time. This large pine grain bin had it in spades. 
 When I ran my hand across the top, it felt silky soft.  
What a perfect coffee table with tons of storage inside.

Forged iron hinges for support and a brass escutcheon.

Huge iron hinges support the lift top.  Boards are joined with pegs and there are square nails.

The sides are dovetailed, more iron support hinges, and iron handles.

You know how I love shabby chippy.  I fell in love with this mirror.

Detail of Mirror

Another Detail of the Mirror

I also found some signed nautical map prints of Mystic River, Stonington Harbor, and
Pawcatuck River in Connecticuit.  They're signed by John Dodge.

One of Three Framed Nautical Prints in Original Frame and Signed

I also found an architectural column, a demi-john, and two huge bound volumes of
The New York Times.
 It's hard to believe that each huge volume contains approximately only two weeks worth
 of the publication.

Column, Demi-john, Bound New York Times

I have plans for this rope bundle.
 Now it supports a turtle shell and is surrounded by some small bleached turtle shells.

Rope and Turtle Shells

What out-of-the-ordinary finds have you discovered?



  1. Kathy, What great finds! I want to shop where you do.

  2. I agree with Sherry, I want to shop where you do! Love everything and I am really drawn to that fabulous map!