Sunday, March 10, 2013

Furniture With Hooves

Ever since I saw this bench/coffee table on the cover of Celerie Kemble's interior design book,
Black and White (and a bit in between),  I have been fascinated by hoof-legged furniture in design.
( I have to say that I also love the over-sized mattes she used when framing the art.)

Celerie Kemble Interiors

This hooved seat below has a fluffy mongolian lamb cushion.  Fun.


I've featured Benjamin Dhong designs before.  He's used a footed bench with his banquette seating.

Benjamin Dhong Design

So, of course as I was out and about with my husband I immediately noticed this table at Zgallerie.
I must have really admired it because he bought it for me for my birthday.

Zgallerie Hoof Legged Table

Here it is perfectly styled in Valorie Hart, The Visual Vamp's, home.
(Please follow the highlighted words to even more footed examples on her fabulous blog.)

The Visual Vamp

I found a place for mine next to my favorite book-reading chair.  Perfect.

Hoof Legged Table Next to My Favorite Reading Chair in My Sun Room

And not to be out done by furniture, I noticed in my silver plate collection (hoard) that one of my pieces had hooves.

My Silver Plate Coffee Server with Hoofed Feet
Notice that the creator had even more fun with the spout.
 It looks like an animal head to me.

Close Up of My Vintage Coffee Server with Hooves and an Animal Spout

So, are you a hooved foot fan?


Please check out April's issue of Romantic Homes Magazine.
My friend, Mary Alice, and her blog, Chateau Chic, are highlighted in the Site Seeing Section.
She creates lovely soft vignettes in her home with her fabulous vintage finds.
She and I share a love for weathered and chippy.
And, if you live in the DC area, please visit her shop in:

Rust and Feathers

14928 James Monroe Hwy (Rte. 15)
Leesburg, VA 20176
Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10-5
Sun 12-5
(Closed Tues and Wed)


  1. I have an ice cream table that has hooves...I bought it in the 1970s, when it was about 25 years old. It's been a favorite, showing off in various rooms in several different houses over the years.

  2. I have never noticed hoove legs before......that's surprising. Now I'll probably see them a lot. I love your silver pot too! I thought I had visited all the shops near Luckett's but not this one. Then when I clicked over I saw that it was a new one. Will definitely check it out in May and visit Mary Alice's spot. :)

  3. My story is more the one that got away. Last year when I was out and about I came across a coffee table. I loved it. Describing it may sound awful, trust me it wasn't haha, it had an oval glass top. The bass was a very nice aged brass and had four hooves at the base. I already have a coffee table that I really love and didn't want to store it before taking out to my I missed the boat. Your new table fits right in with your decor. Very original!!