Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hometown Hunting

I grew up in a small town, New Kensington, just north of Pittsburgh, PA.  I visit frequently since most of my family still lives there.  In fact, I was there this weekend.  Of course, while visiting, I have to squeeze in some vintage shopping in some of my favorite hunting grounds.  One of my favorites is 
Diamond Antiques and Gifts.

It is a multi-vendor shop and the owner, Dianna, is very sweet and sooo talented.  In fact, everyone there has an eye for display and a knack for finding unique items.  Dianna and I have become friends
and many times I've filled my van at her store.  Merchandise is unique and well-priced.

Here are some items I saw last weekend.

I couldn't angle enough to get a full view of this secretary.  I'm in love with all the cubbies. 
 It was less than $200!

This vanity bench was only $35.  Can't you see it at the foot of a bed?  Notice the fringe.  Love it!

When I got home, tucked in with my purchases was this T-shirt.
Come on everyone.  Don't tell me you can't totally relate to that.

Check her out:  diamondantiquesandgifts.com

Happy Hunting,


  1. Kathy!!!!
    How much is the bamboo pagoda chandelier??

  2. Love that shirt...it is perfect for YOU, Kathy.