Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chippy Chairs

I like nothing better than finding a vintage piece with its original chippiness. 
 I not only found one naturally weathered chair, but two.   
The first one was nothing more than a frame when I found it. 
 I added some animal print fabric and it fits perfectly next to my
 equally chippy frenchy desk and column.

Weathered Chair in My Foyer
The desk and column next to it are equally chippy.

A closer look at the fabric and chair carving.

I love the carved flower detail.

More carving on the arm.

Chippy Desk Leg and Column
Metal Carved Applique with a Woman's Face
The back is just as lovely as the front.

Detail of the Back

Make sure to come back.  I'll be sharing the equally awesome--and weathered-- second chair.


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  1. i JUST saw some awesome chairs like these in the post that loi (tone on tone) did and i was drooling over them!!! kathy- amazing!

  2. Oh Cassie, I follow Tone on Tone too and just saw the post with the chairs. Wow. I love mine even better now. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Martina. I'm planning on sharing it on your Linky Party.

  4. Kathy, you find the best treasures!

    1. Thanks Sarah. You wouldn't believe the comments I got from my family when I brought that chippy empty chair frame into the house.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Lynn. I do love that chair. Wait until you see the deconstructed one I recently found.

  6. great post..
    beautiful pics


    1. Thanks so much Hadi. I hope you'll stop by again.