Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Chalkboards

Yes, I think making chalkboards is fun, so I created a few more.
I had two very large door panels.  The raised panels are perfect for framing the chalkboard.

On the first panel I primed the whole board then painted the outside edge gray and the inside with chalkboard paint.  I had some leopard shelf liner.  I decided to add it to the narrow raised section.  I cut it to the length and width I needed.  It's very easy to get a straight edge because the reverse side of the shelf liner has a grid you can follow.   I let the liner overlap in the corners then "mitered" the corners with a straight edge and a diagonal cut on the miter line.  I then removed the top piece and voila--mitered corner.

I painted the next door with a gloss white on the outside and chalkboard paint on the inside.
On the narrow raised panel I used a stencil with a quatrefoil design and modeling paste to add some texture.  Tutorial for modeling paste and stencil here.

When using the stencil and modeling paste you'll find that the result is perfectly imperfect.
 It's worth it for the added texture and interest.  To make it show up more you could also used some glaze over the pattern to make the design stand out.

The next chalkboard experiment involves the lift top panel from an old player piano.  It's vertical in the picture but you get the idea.  I usually add chain to my larger pieces.  I'm not sure if this will hang vertically or horizontally.

Lift Top From A Player Piano

So, what do you think?


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  1. Hi Kathy! The chalkboards are wonderful and I love the idea of using the modeling paste. Again, thanks for your advise on being a vendor at a vintage market.