Friday, October 26, 2012

When All My Flowers Are Gone

All Spring and Summer I have the luxury of picking flowers from my garden and enjoying the blooms inside.  One of my favorites are my peonies.  They're so short lived but so lovely.
Peonies From My Garden

Even now that the weather has turned cold, I still can find garden cuttings in my yard.  I think that the shapes that branches take on are so interesting.  I placed these branches in a demi-john on my front porch.

I especially liked these branches because they had some funky mold stuff on them that made them even more interesting.

I also like to clip a selection of branches which haven't lost their leaves.  I placed some multi-colored beauties in my favorite hand blown bottle with my framed ceiling tile as a back drop.

Fall Arrangement on My Screened Porch

Branches are one way to add nature inside when the flowers are gone.  I also use cuttings from my shrubs.  My favorite shrub to use is my Nandia, sometimes called Heavenly Bamboo.  In the Fall the leaves are green but in the winter they have hints of red. One variety even has berries.  The look of a totally green arrangement places the focus on the texture.  In fact, I use Nandina cuttings inside all year long.

Nandina Bouquet in an Urn in My Dining Room

I wanted to share one more image that I'm sure many have seen already.  It's the Harry Lauder Walking Stick branches that I painted red and placed in a vase with some sand and shells.

Branches on My Mirrored Table in My Sun Room

So, what to you do for some Fall nature in your home?


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  1. I love peonies! But they don't like Texas, so I have to just enjoy pics like yours. And the branches you've shown are so cool. I LOVE the picture behind the nandinas!