Monday, June 4, 2012

New Shopping Finds Equals Change Ups

I've been shopping and finding some goodies for my home.  But new finds always create change ups.

The table against the brick wall in my screened porch looked like this for almost a year.  That's a record in our house.  I think it made it because everything was covered during the winter.

Covered bottles, faux coral, Santos, cement pedestal, metal ferns, giraffe table cover (really a bedspread), and a framed tin ceiling section as a back drop.

Here's a close up of the bottles.  The big green bottle didn't have a cover like the others and decided to borrow some of my bling.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to keep all this new stuff on the porch, but I wanted to share my finds.  

The piece I'm most excited about is the chinoiserie planter with the geometric pattern.  I think I may re-purpose it as a magazine holder.  I also found two huge pieces of coral.  Behind the coral are industrial looking metal trays that I plan to use as jewelry and desk organizers.  They're from a candy store in New Jersey and I bought ten of them.  I also purchased a blue blown glass covered bottle to add  to my growing collection, a piece of driftwood, some leather books, and a plaster architectural fragment that makes a perfect bookend.  That was an exciting shopping trip.!

On another outing I found this cute elephant side table.  He's on the screened porch too along side my chair. It's  just a perfect place to rest my morning cup of coffee.

The next purchase is going in the family room in front of my Mid-Century Modern buffet/tv stand.

This brass faux bamboo bench will be extra seating or a place to prop feet.
The curved hammered metal top is fabulous.

I always buy nature-inspired classroom maps when I find them.  My favorite is this shell reference map in my sun room.

I couldn't pass up this bug chart.

And of course my latest bling.

Vintage acrylic and rhinestone bracelet

What have you found lately?

I love the hunt but I love the find better.



  1. Oh great finds, I especially love the planter and the bench. You definitely found some wonderful treasures. Hugs, Marty

  2. Kathy, I'm in looove with the elephant table! Adorable. And the gold bamboo bench is beautifully glam. :)

  3. That planter and that bench are OVER THE TOP!!! Good for you!!! I would have died from joy had I found even ONE of them, but BOTH??? Lord, have mercy!!!

  4. Now that is my kind of shopping trip! What great finds!