Saturday, April 11, 2020


Several months ago I purchased this T-shirt because it described me perfectly.  

I almost always wear black.  My closet looks like it belongs to Johnny Cash.  And, let's face it, I dress my home in black too.  The second line describes my love for our wonderful dog, Bella.  That third line has taken on a new meaning.  Initially, it was a perfect description of me.  I am basically an introvert.  When we were required to stay at home for the month of April; it was no problem.  The lower pace, family time, and the opportunity to tackle some waiting projects is working out. Lately though, the daily grim statistics have been weighing heavily on me.

We've been having some absolutely perfect weather here in Maryland.  My husband, my son and I were walking around the garden, relishing the fresh air and sunshine.  I noticed that my favorite perennial, my ferns, were starting to emerge and uncurl towards the sun. They  looked happy and  totally oblivious to all that is happening in the world.

 I usually post when they're fully grown, but I wanted to share their renewal and beginning.  They gave me some reassurance and hope.

I'm married to a geologist, so we have quite a collection of rocks.  My son remarked that they look like the ferns on our fossils.  I concluded that my ferns are pretty amazing prehistoric perennials.

Please stay home, stay healthy, stay safe, and most of all stay hopeful.

If you'd like to see an old post with the ferns fully grown, go here.

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