Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lettuce Leaf Plates In My Pantry

Do you find something you really like and buy it every time you see it?  I do.
Several years ago I saw some lettuce leaf plates.  I was immediately attracted to them. 
 They reminded me of vintage Majolica.  In fact, this whole hoarding frenzy was started by this little majolica teapot that has served as our sugar bowl for many years.

My Lettuce Leaf Tea Pot, AKA Our Sugar Bowl

It grew into quite a collection.  I didn't want to hide them in a cabinet, so I stored them on a pot rack.  Originally this pot rack was in a restaurant, but it fit perfectly into the corner of my pantry/laundry.
The graduated shelves worked for my plates, bowls, and serving pieces.

Vertical Storage in My Pantry
This is the view looking into the pantry from the kitchen.  I have a low cabinet against the wall.
It's my pantry cupboard.  On top of the cabinet is an urn with a sphere, some books with architectural prints, and a lamp.  Hanging above are three framed over-sized architectural prints,

Looking Into the Pantry From the Kitchen

The plates stacked very nicely on the rack.

Stacked Dishes

The lamp originally was a coffee urn.   I love the spigot on it best.

Coffee Urn Lamp

I was able to find some white plates too.

White and Green Lettuce Leaf Plates

Bowls and Serving Pieces

Dinner Plates and Covered Serving Dish on the Bottom Shelf

I love using them when I host a party.
Notice the stacking dessert plates on the left and the candlesticks on the right.
Unfortunately they have to hide in a cupboard when not in use.

Summer Party on the Patio
I used the white lettuce leaf plates to set the table under the pergola
 I was able to find some lettuce leaf place mats too.

Dinner Under the Pergola
Do you have some favorite go to dishes?

I see that Tory Burch is reissuing the original lettuce leaf plates by Dodie Thayer.
Of course mine are all new knock offs, but that's okay.
To see Tory's collection, go here.

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