Friday, February 5, 2016

Nail Head Trim Isn't Just for Upholstered Furniture

Yes, I'll admit again that I'm obsessed with nail head trim.  The bigger the nail head the more I like it.
I think that my favorite nail head transformation was on this black and white settee.

 My Black and White Vintage Settee with 1" Nail Head

I've written before about nail head trim on upholstered pieces and sources for it here,
but nail head is just as lovely on walls, doors, and furniture.

To add some interest to my 1970's knotty pine kitchen, I painted the cabinets, created a backsplash with vinyl-coated snakeskin fabric AND trimmed it all out with black nail head.

Snakeskin, Nail Head, and Rhino Covered Butter in My Kitchen

Some nail head on walls inspiration:


Jeffrey Bilhuber Design

What about on furniture?

Bernhardt Furniture


Brooke Wagner Design


My own little project with nail head on furniture.

Curly-Based Iron Side Tables

My absolute favorite though is on doors.

ginder-snapped tumblr

House Beautiful

Splendid Sass

So, where have you used nail head?


  1. Kathy, this is a great post. I think we only have nail head trim on wing back chairs. I like the detail, and you've certainly shown how it can enhance more than furniture.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I really want to try it on a wall similar to the Veranda picture with the tape and nail head. I just have to pick where I want a ton of small holes. Ha!

  3. this post and all the photos.

    Thanks for sharing.