Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm thinking that the rhino is becoming the next hottest faux taxidermy darling.

Of course Anthro would lead the trend.


What about these wall lamps from Graham and Greene?  Fun.

Graham and Green

I can always be convinced to go with the gold.  This one's from Etsy.


This same vendor sells rhino bookends.


How cute is this rhino on wood from Shades of Light?

Shades of  Light

I've just heard that corrugated cardboard is the new black.

Cardboard Safari

I love this contemporary wall covering from Wall and Deco.
Tons of interesting designs on their site.

Wall and Deco

Of course I found a rhino covered butter dish at my favorite shopping destination, Home Goods.
It's fortunate, or maybe unfortunate that a Home Goods just opened waaaay too close to my home.
I bought it even though I don't even eat butter.

I'm ashamed to admit that I still have white formica countertops in my kitchen.
 I  won't miss them at all if we redo the kitchen, but I think I'll cry when I have to remove my snakeskin backsplash and nail head trim.

Rhino Covered Butter on My Kitchen Countertop

Since this rhino won't be covering any butter in my fridge,
 I placed him in a corner in my kitchen with some other accessories.

My Rhino in a Corner in the Kitchen
The pewter platter is a yard sale find, as are the urns.

The gravy server that now holds fruit is from a flea market.
 I didn't know it was Pairpoint until I got it home and noticed the mark.  I love those kind of surprises.

Of course the urns hold flatware with an animal print.

Urn with Animal Print Flatware

Will you be looking for rhinos next?



  1. oh i feel very cool now! see if you can spy the rhino in my post tomorrow.... i have had it for about 3 or 4 years so i was way ahead of the trend. ;)

  2. Wow, way ahead of the trend. I will definitely rhino spy tomorrow.

  3. Rhino trend ~ who would have guessed? Have to say that your kitchen corner vignette is totally charming. Your yard sale finds are amazing. I'm a long time fan of pewter, well actually all the metals - copper, silver, even tin. Your tray, urns, and especially the gravy were amazing finds. Good for you!
    The Anthro rhino reminds me of such work I've seen in a shop in Paris. The sculptures are all done in French newspapers. Way cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah. And, a big thank you for the "French Connection" info. It just makes me love my rhino more.