Friday, October 10, 2014

Are You a Gypsy?

This is for all of you out there who collect or hoard and have basements and garages teeming with stuff---
and you know who you are.  And I know who you are too.  

We sometimes call ourselves hoarders, or pack rats, or for all my colleagues out there---
vintage vendors.
 I think a much kinder label for us would be gypsy.  I had to share these images.  
They so look like something that would happen to me if I had to leave home suddenly.

I have to say though that my means of transportation wouldn't be quite so classy.  
 I'd be packing up my rusty van.  (It could hold more then these cars anyway.)
Fess up.  Are you a gypsy?  Where do you store your stash?


I know I've shared these before but they're so spot on AND they make me smile.
It's nice to know that there are others out there just like you.

I've written about my beast of a van and my secret vintage gypsy life before here.


  1. love this post Kathy and soso true. I don't have a garage; therefore my stash is piled up outside my studio door. Thankfully it's at the back of the house so no one sees it except my poor husband. I would kill to have a fan like yours. I keep looking for the perfect little cheap truck. xo

  2. Uh, Yeah. Except my "stuff" would never grace the pages of AD until it made it out of the basement and garage, through the hierchy of "before" and "after", and maybe not even then. :)