Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nail Head Trim

I'm in love with the look of nail head trim on upholstered pieces.

I like it when it outlines the piece.


Ahh, velvet covered.


Or leather on leather tape.


In a double row.


Creating a design.


Simply using upholstery nails.


With tape and two sizes of nail head.

Spaced on tape.


When I started experimenting with adding nail head to my projects,
 I used the nail head that comes on a continuous roll.

Nail Head on a Roll

It was made for a beginner because there was no measuring involved and it was fast.
After working with it for a while I decided that I didn't like it.
It sliced my finger several times, the nail head didn't lay flat,
and the nails popped out after repeated use.
 I wanted to give the individual nail head trim a try.  

My source for nail head and upholstery tools is DIY Upholstery.

My favorite nail head is the 1" French Nail Head.
I use it with hem tape and space about 1-1.5 inches apart. 

I just ordered this tool from DIY Upholstery.
 It will make measuring and getting the nail heads in a straight line soooo much easier.

Nail Spacer

One bit of advice.  The prices are really great on this site but the shipping is a killer.

How do you like to use nail head trim?


If you missed my post about recovering a chair with burlap and nail head, go here.


  1. great info. Kathy. You always have the best post!

  2. I LOVE nailhead trim. Especially in a bright finish like polished chrome. Always adds a nice touch. That greek key is everything.

  3. Lové nail heads, I use them for all kinds of projects, and try to save the vintage ones I pull out of projects.

    Inspiring here.
    See you soon