Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Landscaping Dilemma

I'm always ready to tackle a garden project.  I decided to take on a challenge
 ------a vast expanse of wall with a very narrow bed.
 I've been thinking about what to do in this space for a while.
The side of the garage is basically a huge blank canvas.
 My first thought was to create an espalier on the wall.


You know I'm way too impatient for that although I love the look.  
Then I saw these narrow planters with grasses.  Hmmmm.


I also considered covering the wall with climbing roses that worked so well on the side of my house.

Climbing Roses on the Side of My House

I also like the look of lattice on a wall.

Or lattice and  an espalier.


I'm still not sure what's going to happen, but I got started with the plantings.
 I decided that I needed  a shrub that was narrow and tall for the space.  
The Sky Japanese Pencil Holly was perfect for the narrow space
 and would provide the vertical accent that I needed.

Sky Japanese Pencil Holly

Eventually they will grow tall and stay narrow like these.


Boy that wall is large and empty and those plants need to grow.
They looked so large in their pots at the garden center.
 I couldn't tell that the spacing is off too until I took the picture.
Oh no.  Too hot to move anything right now.

My Garage Side Wall
Home Goods to the rescue.  I found four of these geometric trellises.
For now they supply the height I need.

Geometric Trellis

Here they are with my pencil holly shrubs.

Still not working for me.
Now I need some advice. What should I use to fill in between the holly plants?
 I'm thinking that shaped boxwoods would look good between the tall plants 
with some annuals tucked in for color.


Should I put them in pots?


What about a border of lariope?
 I already have some in another garden so I could divide it.
Free is good.

I also would love to have a window box in the upper window of the garage
 with a whole mix of flowers and dangling vines stretching to reach the tops of my trellises.

Something like this but not quite as ambitious.


I'd love some suggestions.



  1. Love the trellises! I think climbing roses or even clematis would look nice, depending on what side the wall is facing, I guess. If you use lattice, maybe use the kind that doesn't have to be painted. That would be a pain to take it down to paint! I can tell you from experience that the tall grasses will probably lean away from the wall unless they are getting full sun. Then they look a little tacky. I don't garden in your zone. Boxwood would die in pots here in NE. If it would survive, that would look nice. Or what about low growing hydrangeas in pots--one of the varieties that blooms all summer. I would have to treat that as an annual here, but it might work for you. Depending on the way it faces, you could divide a mature hosta and spread it out--they fill in pretty quickly. The window box would look lovely, especially with shutters. But I always wonder how they water those up so high. We have to have screens on our windows here, so it would be hard to water it out the window. I think if it was me, I'd try the climbing roses on the tellises, and then fill in with perhaps bulbs (agapanthus, giant allium--something with some height) or hostas if it is north or east facing. Good luck. You'll come up with a good idea, I'm sure!

  2. I like what you have done so far Kathy and I know you'll figure it out with your creative mind. :) And the free monkey grass will be a great filler. I am so jealous of your climbing roses. I had visions of pink climbing roses covering our front shed but after several years it's just looking scraggly. LOL

  3. Oh my goodness I am IN LOVE with your geometric lattice additions. I would go with boxwoods. It's going to look fabulous!