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5 Unique Ways To Style A Bar Cart

I'm very excited to be partnering with Zillow, a leading real estate marketplace. 
 Today Jennifer Riner, who writes for Zillow, will be guest posting
 and sharing ways to style a bar cart.

I don't know if we have to thank Mad Men for the bar cart come back in home decor, 
but bar carts have become the new must have home accessory.

Check out Jennifer's tips to add some decor flair and style to your next party.

5 Unique Ways to Style a Bar Cart
By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

Source: Urrutia Design

Sparkling champagne and heirloom whisky often come in elegant 
and trendy packages that beg to be incorporated into home d├ęcor. 
Luckily, mobile displays are the perfect vehicles to showcase top-shelf liquors.
 Through practical and sophisticated methods, bar carts add chic flair 
to homes and assist hosts in showcasing refreshments.
After purchasing carts, consider the following styling tips.

1. Include the Essentials
Bar carts can serve as aides for residents who love to entertain. 
For small get-togethers, consider stocking the bar with cocktail ingredients 
so guests may self-serve their favorite concoctions.
 Include beverage basics such as ice buckets, shakers, jiggers, muddlers, 
bottle openers, decanters, stir sticks and corkscrews. 
Extra-large spaces may allow for blenders and multiple types of glasses. 
Highball, lowball, martini, shot, cordial, wine and champagne flutes should all be 
available at guests’ disposal if space permits.

2. Use Trays
Platters are great items to keep bar carts stylishly organized.
 Delineate trays for accessories and alcohol – one for glasses, another for flowers 
and a third for hard liquors. Don’t worry about matching trays with carts. 
Forgo monochromatic schemes and incorporate multiple materials such as 
brass, silver, wicker and glass for dynamism. 
Fluctuating patinas engage interest and pair well with popular eclectic interiors.

3. Opt for Designer Bottles
When decorating carts, it’s better to opt for unique, artisanal bottles 
rather than common spirits. Homeowners may primarily drink budget rum,
 but it doesn’t need to be showcased in a room. 
Instead, display upscale liquor such as handmade vodka, vermouth and bitters. 
When entertaining, include exciting mixers of sparkling water and lemonade
 so guests can utilize bars to their full advantage.

4. Add Accessories
Similar to any table scape in a home, equip bar carts with purposeful,
 eye-catching accessories. Purchase cloth cocktail napkins instead of
 paper disposables to add an extra touch of sophistication to displays. 
Don’t forget glasses – consider perusing local antique shops for vintage 
china and fancy, decorative plates. Soften harsh lines of metal carts with
 colorful bouquets of peonies or hydrangeas. For entertaining purposes, 
display cocktail recipe booklets for guests to peruse and create concoctions 
at upcoming soirees.

5. Consider Backdrops and Placement
Style the walls behind the bar cart. 
Create a small gallery of family photos or display a map or 
stunning piece of art above refreshments.
 Keep wall designs simple to avoid distraction from cart focal points. 
Also, don’t place bar carts in front of windows 
where direct sunlight might overheat and spoil the high-end spirits.
Homes in warm climates might prompt owners to place
 alcohol near air conditioning vents and out of high-traffic areas 
where heat builds such as the kitchen, entryway or upper levels. 
Plus, hosts should display carts in accessible spaces for guest; 
the dining room is typically a non-central yet user-friendly room.

Avoid overwhelming bar displays with numerous glasses and bottles.
 When operating solely for style, incorporate just a few staple wine glasses,
 napkins, flowers and liquor bottles. 
During soirees, add extra trimmings so guests don’t run out of options. 
Remember, hosts can always restock carts as needed to provide plenty of
 pick-me-ups without appearing cluttered at any given time.

Thanks so much Jennifer for sharing your bar cart chic.


Let me know how your next party goes.

Bio:  Jennifer Riner

Jennifer Riner writes about real estate, rental management and home improvement for Zillow.  She currently resides in Seattle as a transplant from the Midwest, where she graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in Journalism.  She immerses herself in everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, from hiking in the Cascades to sailing on the Puget Sound.  Jennifer has a passion for everything interior design and spends her free time perusing the Internet for furniture to repurpose and interior styling tips to adopt.

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