Monday, May 26, 2014

Playing It Safe

Did you ever play it safe with a design choice and regret choosing safe over
what your unconventional self wanted?
 I did that with my foyer stair runner.
 I'm usually a risk taker when it comes to design---pretty fearless with choices actually----
 but for some reason I wimped out when choosing carpeting.
 I actually made my selection on something that I never follow: 
 How would this affect the resale of my home??   

What I really wanted for the space was this Stark Antelope pattern.

What I ended up with was a very safe, very traditional Nourisan wool rug.  It works and I don't dislike it,
 but I dislike that I picked something so predictable.

Nourisan Stair Runner in My Foyer

Nourisan Rug Reflected in My MCM Mirror in My Foyer

If  I actually had a do over, I could also be tempted by geometric runners.
I think I''d also paint my stair treads and my railing black.
I love black and I'm always up for a project so I'd go for it.


What about this Dash and Albert beauty.

More black and white.  Hmmmm, I may have to paint my walls white too.
I'd do it for this rug.


Love this too.


I'm not totally sold on black and geometrics.
 I love the nailhead trim on this Barry Dixon rug.
I have mixed feelings about the fanned out runner at the bottom.
Do you like the look?   Would you do it?
Would your dog and kids tear it up?

Lately I've also been drawn to green.


What about simply painting the stairs?
 I have become a real fan of dark trim  on windows and doors.
What about on the stairs?
It certainly makes the orange chair pop.


Although the previous image is very tempting and very dramatic,
I'd probably choose to just paint the steps and not the risers if I were going runner free.


Please share what you prefer---traditional? geometric? no pattern? seagrass? painted?
-or no covering at all.



  1. Oh I love the one you wish you had too. Yours is beautiful, but the other would have been such a fabulous statement. I am getting a little more daring in all of my fabrics and patterns and I am loving it.

  2. you only live once, and you know you are so talented you can make anything work, so you should always just go for it. that's my two cents. :)

  3. Well, the leopard is fabulous, but have to say I like what you currently have too. I think painted stairs are beautiful, but they also show wear and tear more easily. We have stained wood stairs with painted raisers. You are tempting me to paint our hand rails black, though I'd need to rethink the wallpaper in the foyer and stairs. Interesting thought though. I like the second black and white runner the best of the black and white choices. I know you'll come up with the perfect choice. You have excellent taste!
    Wouldn't like the flared runner at the bottom of the stairs. I can see me or others tripping on it. It's alway distracting for me.

  4. The antelope print pattern is my fave---classic! I feel the geometric patterns may soon be out-dated. Go for it!

  5. I want to rip the carpet from out stairs so badly and either get hardwood or paint them and add a runner. I like all those looks and yours, too.

  6. Love the last photo for it's simple elegance but I love yours too!

  7. I love that first print...if you have the staircase go for it! I am a carpet girl all the way...for safety reasons...rather than painted stairs. And carpet with a pattern I would think would be easier to see as we age. ;)

  8. Oh any of them! I love a fun stair runner. That Antelope Stark is the dream.