Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whining Works or My Disco Ball Saga

Yes, I admit that I've been going on and on about wanting a disco ball.  If you recall, I even made several shout outs to my readers after seeing these images.

I got my wish as a Christmas gift from my husband.  What a surprise since he doesn't even read my blog and has zero interest in decorating.  I have to say though that he supports and helps me with
 all my crazy "projects".   He is a great guy.   Not only did he search for the disco ball, but he also researched all the disco balls he could find.  Gotta love a scientist.  His conclusion was that the one on Amazon, link below, was the best because the squares were glass, not plastic. 

 Tell the truth now, how many of you would take the time to do that?  I would have seen a disco ball, got excited, and grabbed my Paypal password.

He said he also researched the motor in case I wanted to suspend it from the ceiling. If you see the images you know I won't be hanging it from the ceiling and holding a party.  I don't even like to dance.  You know how I operate.  I'll probably roll it into a room and see where it stops and decide if I like its choice.  

How was your holiday?  Did you get what you hinted about?


To see the original whining, pining, and pleading post go here.

If you want your very own disco ball after listening to me go on and on go here on Amazon.

Or, you can find one here too.  This site,, had 16" disco balls, but the largest I see now is 12".  Fingers crossed that they get more in.  

Images are from my Pinterest page, Orbs and Spheres.

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  1. Congrats on 'Scoring' your Disco Ball and how very Sweet of your Man to delve into the research to find just the perfect specimen! Gotta Love that too! I would have to say it epitomizes Parties and New Year doesn't it? Disco Balls also bring a heady Rush of Nostalgia to me as I recall my Clubbing Days *winks*... Alas, if I had one the G-Kid Force would have a Field Day with it and the Glass would be in smitherines all over the place! It really is a Statement Piece though and I do Hope you'll Share where it lands? Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian