Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Favorite Pins: Paint Brushes as Art and No More Google Reader

Have you ever thought of brushes as the actual art and not the means of creating?

I certainly believed that when I arranged these brushes beneath a cloche.

A closer look and a new location.  Yes, things move around at our house.

Check out these images and see if you agree.

How many works of art have these layered paint spattered brushes created?

What fabulous colors on these natural dye brushes

 Quite an assortment in this flower bucket.
These brushes seem to be swirling in their container.

A palette and paint brush vignette.

Silver plate containers always work.


Spatters on crumpled cloth even look good.

Now these well-spattered brushes and boots are famous.  They belong to Jackson Pollock.
I love the variety of containers supporting these brushes.

Quite an organized work space.

An assortment of calligraphy brushes.

I've shared this before but I love it.

Love the jumble and messiness of it all.

Simply random and lovely.

An assortment of brushes and hues.

Even tin cans look good.

Brushes artfully arranged  in their case.

What's not to love---brushes, urns, trophies, antlers, architectural fragment, books and demijohns--my favorite things.
I just loved this image of brushes in an artist's workspace.

Linen and Lavender

So, can brushes be art?



  1. How about bloglovin. Have you signed up for that. That would really make it easy. Hugs, Marty

  2. I like them all - they are definitely art in themselves - but I love your vignette the best. You make the awesomest vignettes, and that's absolutely my favorite part of decorating!

  3. great post Kathy! Love the paint spattered boots. I sometimes use my paint spattered drop cloth (old shower curtain) as a backdrop for my website item photos. :) Hope you are doing well. xo

  4. Hi Kathy, Your vignettes are always the best! I am following you now with Bloglovin. Have a great weekend.