Saturday, November 24, 2012

18 Christmas Display Ideas

Mixed in with my post about our latest sale, I told about some of my shop display ideas.
 I wanted to do a post just with the ideas because these ideas could easily be used in your homes as well.

My favorite re-purpose was the orchard ladder that I made into a Christmas tree.  I wove garland back and forth between the rungs and stairs and then added some burlap ribbon and ornaments.  It's incredibly stable and might be a solution for those of you with active pets and small children.

Ha!  It's hard to tell it's a ladder.  Here's a side view to prove it.

Architectural fragments fit into any display.  I used this column base as a pedestal for my jar of ornaments.  It could also be a base for a small tree or for an arrangement in a tablescape.

Wooden dough bowls are containers for holiday display too.  I could see it filled with some greenery, pine cones, and candles, or ornaments and used as a centerpiece or on the mantel.

Vintage holiday post cards, Christmas images, or even holiday wrapping paper can be placed in a frame and become part of the Christmas decor.  This is a vintage post card with some snowmen in a very nice gold frame.

Paint an old empty frame silver or gold and add a chalkboard to it.  My frame actually had a mirror in the upper section.  This is perfect for your holiday menu.

You can find alphabet letters in all sizes and made of wood, plastic, or metal.  You can use them on your tree as unique ornaments.  I just punched a hole into this plastic coated letter that originally was used to spell out store signage.  With a ribbon, it's an ornament.

As an alternative to tree stands, you can place a tree into a bucket, a basket, an urn, or what I used--a flower pot.  I held the tree in place with bags of sand.  I covered the bags with a sequined jacket.  I also like to use fur wraps as tree skirts.

You can also put holiday items under glass.
 I placed a large pine cone in the cloche but you could also bundle up mini lights and place them inside, or fill the cloche with ornaments or bottle brush trees.

I also filled some vintage jars with faux snow and added silver branches, ribbon, and some crystal beads.

Create a garland by weaving upholstery webbing through the branches.
You could also use burlap ribbon.

Deer antlers can also display holiday decor.

Hat boxes with ornaments and ribbons become festive.  So do carved swans.

Rhinestone jewelry and sparkling button garlands can be ornaments.  Tie them onto the tree with silver chenille pipe cleaners.

Make stockings from old coverlets or quilts.

Old shutters are good back drops for holiday decor.

If you're having a buffet you could line an old box or drawer with a holiday napkin or some bulap and fill it will your flatware.  This metal drawer has vintage silver plate serving pieces.

Hang some old skates on a sled and place it near your front door.

Or, hang some skates onto a weathered window frame and add a garland of fresh magnolia leaves.

So what are you up to for the holidays?


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